I'm glad you're here! Pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. You're amongst friends, now. You say you're curious about this strange gastronome? Have a sip, and I'll explain.

This all started as a sort of cross between two of my web-spaces. I have a more traditional online journal, called un bon vin blanc. In the fall of 2002 I realized that some of my best writing (and many of my entries) revolved around food - whether it was a link out to a great article, a review of a restaurant, or a recap of a dinner party I'd thrown. I also have a food site that needs some work - feel free to take a peek into my kitchen. I was toying with the idea of spending the time to redesign that site, and convert it to a handy content-management system (Movable Type is my fave, and powers ubvb, my book reviews, and this gastronome). When I realized that I also spend a lot of time talking to my friends about cooking & food in a (gasp, how tawdry) chat system, my wee brainmeats started churning. I've seen a few team journals, or team blogs, and they looked like fun. I convinced Beca and Russell to sign on with me, and slapped it together.

I'm thrilled; this little community has grown over the last two years and has aged into a great place to trade recipes, solicit feedback, review restaurants & books. You name something food related, and we've probably talked about it. Check out the gourmands - everyone has an interesting story.

The requisite mission statement: We aim to talk about good food. To explore possibilities together. No topic is off limits; we ask each other questions, post recipes, share links, share menus and menu-planning, review books, notify the community about events - our topics grow every week. Everyone is welcome to comment; please join in!

The name for the site was gleaned from a few poems that my sister-in-law wrote for us as a thank-you for a birthday dinner party I cooked. Peek at the menu and the poems. An extra-special thanks to Beca, who gave the site a new look for winter '04.

Here's to a good meal and a glass of wine with good friends; thank you for visiting!