dinner - 28 september 2002

It's been a while since i cooked for folks other than ourselves. I decided on a whim to see if any of my friends could be lured over to chez borogove for dinner on Saturday night; i scored big and caught both of the Leckmans and Forrest.

We started relatively early (for borogoves; the Leckmans are early birds by nature) at 6:30. I had a large pitcher of minted lime-ginger ale on the table, and a bowl of attractive heirloom eggplants as a centerpiece. We started with some sweet & spicy pecans (from 1999 Best American Recipes) and a bowl of olives while i finished off the soup.

We moved to the table to share some scallion & mushroom soup - it was a lovely rough puree, and i did a first in cooking for me: i mounted the soup with soy milk instead of dairy milk. It turned out nicely, i think - and the lactose-intolerant at the table i'm sure appreciated it.

The main course was a huge salad with a simple vinaigrette, pomegranite seeds, and diced cucumber, and a series of freeform tarts: onion jam & sweet corn; chantarelles, butter, and persillade; a goat's milk cheese that was a little like havarti with sweet italian sausage and yellow bell pepper; and leeks with chevre, lemon, and smoked salmon. A few of us paired a Bonny Doon 'Ceci n'est pas un cigare blanc' with our tarts & salad.

For dessert we tried Nancy Silverton's definitive hot fudge from the same 1999 BAR over ice cream - it was lucious, thick, and dairy-free.

Overall, a good supper shared with particularly lovely friends - even Ely had a few nibbles of the sausage.

The final menu:
sweet & spicy pecans, olives

scallion and mushroom soup

a bevy of tarts
green salad with pomegranites and cucumbers

hot fudge sundaes

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