Two queries here!

What's important in a chopping block? I'm looking for one for our kitchen island, and I have no idea what factors to consider. What kind of woods should they be made out of, does size matter (just kidding) and how should I treat it when I have one? Mineral oil?

Also -- to go with it -- I just got a BB&B 20% off coupon and we were thinking about splurging on some knives soon. I have one Wustof Grand Prix chef's knife that I like, but I'd love to hear what other people like in a knife!

Posted by heather on October 05, 2002 | TrackBack

So, what do you want your kitchen island to be? A square chopping block that doesn't have shelves, or some kind of heavy island that has a huge slab of thick wood for the top? I grew up with the former - a thick, thick 3 foot by three foot block that my parents got in Italy while i was a baby. I love it, but i think when i design my own kitchen, i may go with something a little more islandy, with a huge 7" high movable (but barely) block that sits atop it.

I care for my wooden bowls and cutting boards and serving boards and wheely carts with Catskills Chopping Block Oil that's made for such purposes. I'll often clean the block if it has food stuck in the grooves with a lemon and dry it in between oilings.

And on knives, i have two pieces of advice.
1) Go in and HOLD all the brands and styles you're thinking of. What's perfect for one person's hand might be very different for another's. Feel them and practice the rocking motions, see how the weight and shape of the grip feels to you. Then buy the ones that feel the best in your hands.
2) Buy a good quality hone, and a good quality sharpening stone. Use them. Regularly.

Posted by: meriko on October 5, 2002 7:07 PM
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