Speed Tokyo

Wow. So, amusingly enough, i think i ate more Japanese food on the plane flights than i did in Japan.

Maybe that's not fair - it's just that both nights i was in Tokyo, we were taken out to business dinners - with the reservations made and menus chosen for us. Don't get me wrong - the food was fantastic - but both nights they were exquisite, fancy, many-course Chinese banquets! Kinda wacky. ;)

I managed to eat Japanese-style breakfasts - my favorite dish being the seaweed, bean, and edamame salad. I loved the piles of cold cucumbers, and the clear soups i drank. And just to be a little silly, i consumed tasty croissants alongside the rice porridge.

Lunch one day was a blitzkreig, 15 minute jaunt through a weird little bakery. I found some buns filled with pork, and with some sort of a rillete. They were fine. Wednesday we picked up bento boxes and onigiri in Shinjuku station and ate them on the JR Narita Express on the way to the airport.

Flying business class has definite perks - the food being one of them. They came out with a menu for each flight - names like Alice Waters, Bradley Ogden, and Wolfgang Puck as consultants on the back. You could choose a Western-style meal or a Japanese one... i (predictably) had the Japanese meal both times. On the way out, my lunch menu was:
A selection of sushi
Kobachi Dish: Rice wine-marinated calmiari accented by wasabi mayonnaise, presented with flying fish roe on a bed of radish sprouts, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, julienned jicama and leaf lettce
Hassun Dish: Grilled chicken topped with carrot paste, accompanied by cauliflower with seared dengaku miso, sweet simmered herring, code roe egg cake, and griled shishito pepper filled with cream cheese.
Simmered Dish: Japanese-style stewed beef with potatoes and carrots
Entree: Stewed Chicken complemented by assorted mushrooms, offered with taro and mizuna in miso.
Soup: Miso soup with wakame seaweek and tofu
Accompanied by steamed rice and assortment of seasonal pickles.

You get the idea.
Next time, i hope to reap the benefits of Forrest's month in Japan, and actually find myself some yakitori, noodles, and other tasty Japanese morsels while i'm on the island.

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