Audrey's biscuits

I made Audrey's biscuits yesterday. I used butter, instead of shortening, because I am lazy and butter is easier to measure. I realized, half way through, that I don't have a rolling pin, so the biscuits were hideous looking hand patted things (I have no patience for patting when biscuits are coming).

We cut them in half, topped them with (natch) more butter and honey for a true Southern biscuit. Scrambled eggs on the side were much less important, but filled out the meal.

I forgot how easy these are. And how addictive.

Use a lot of extra flour for kneading/rolling them (1/4 cup I'd say) since this is a very wet dough. Don't skimp on the rolling. Roll more. And again. It's good for you.

Audrey's biscuit recipe

2 cups flour
3 teasp baking powder
1/2 teasp. salt
1/4 cup shortening
3/4 cups milk
oven 450

put dry ingredients together, cut in the shortening
til like coarse crumbs. a long tined fork is good for
this. add milk all at once, stir quickly with a fork
til dough follows fork around the bowl. turn onto a
lightly floured surface, knead gently 10 to 12 strokes
pat it flat and cut with a glass dipped in flour (or
use a biscuit cutter) bake on ungreased pan at 450 for
12 to 15 minutes.

Serves 1. Maybe 2, if they're really really cute and you love them.

Posted by heather on October 21, 2002 | TrackBack

wine bottle = rolling pin

Posted by: russell on October 21, 2002 10:22 PM

Well, I'm a big dork for not thinking of that. Don't keep many wine bottles in the house, maybe that's why. Thanks for the suggestion...

Posted by: heather on October 24, 2002 9:36 AM

I spent a long time with wine bottles for rolling pins... but if you ever buy one, let me suggest an inexpensive wooden french dowel - not as good for truly formal pastry work as a marble pin, but less expensive, and VERY comfy to use for day-to-day work. I grew up with a marble rolling pin, but i think i love my french dowel even more.

Posted by: meriko on October 29, 2002 9:40 PM

Big measuring cup full of water = easy way to measure shortening or butter (if it isn't in a stick)
Pour water to an exact measurement, plop butter or shortening in there until you get the amount you want, strain the water.

Posted by: dayment on March 31, 2003 12:41 PM

Yeah, I know that shortening trick. It's still more of a pain, and not as tasty as real better.

Posted by: heather on March 31, 2003 12:54 PM
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