weekend madness

I had every intention of cooking for friends this weekend, but the best of intentions..... seem to lead to really good food on the home front. After a really stressy week, a bunch of cooking was what i needed to recenter myself. The menus were all over the board - complete cultural fusion across the weekend. Let me know if you want any of the specific recipes!

brunch: buttermilk biscuits with butter, honey, and apricot butter
dinner (oh so late, dearie me): boeuf a la bourguignonne. I used the recipe from cook's illustrated rather than from dear Julia, but i edited the CI one a bit. I was meant to serve it with some blue lake beans, but failed to remember them at the late hour, so we made do with the tasty tasty sauce, beef, mushrooms, and mashed potatoes. And a nice glass of '96 Navarro Pinot Noir.

brunch: chorizo, tofu, and zucchini scramble with buttermilk biscuits & honey.
dinner: After seeing Spirited Away, we made our way to the Japanese grocery next door to the Kabuki, intent on some onigiri. Dinner was miso soup & an assortment of maki, along with a few "ohmygodeatthemfastbeforetheyfallapart" salmon onigiri. Sake and Orion beer rounded out the menu. Asian pears for desesrt. (And later, some ice cream with fudge sauce we found in the fridge. Eating early at 5:30pm opens you up to a world of desserts.)

Southern. French. Mexican-hippy fusion. Japanese. All good food, centering me at home. I failed to make the large batch of caramel corn that i wanted to send to Andy tomorrow morning - maybe tomorrow night!

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