happy birthday, Escoffier!

Biography shamelessly stolen from Jessica's Biscuit's e-newsletter:

Escoffier was born on October 28, 1846. At the age of 13, his father took him to Nice where he apprenticed with his uncle's restaurant, thus beginning a culinary career that spanned 62 years.

His culinary career included many of the great restaurants of Paris, including Le Petit Moulin Rouge and the restaurant at the Hotel Ritz. He was involved in both the cuisine and the management end of restaurants at the Savoy Hotel in London and the Carlton in London.

Accomplishments include: researching the development and techniques of canning and preserving foods; revolutionizing and modernizing the restaurant menu, the art of cooking and the organization of the professional kitchen; developing the first a la Carte menu; simplifying the art of cooking by getting rid of ostentatious food displays and reducing the number of courses served; emphasizing the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients and lighter sauces; and publishing many books on the art of French Cuisine. He is also the inventor of a famous French dessert, Peche Melba (Peach Melba), named after a famous Austrian singer.

Throughout his career, Escoffier wrote a number of books, many of which continue to be considered important today. Some of his best-known works include "Le Guide Culinaire" (1903), "Le Livre des Menus" (1912) and "Ma Cuisine" (1934).

During his long and illustrious career, Escoffier was bestowed with many honors from the French government and many other private and public organizations. The honors due Escoffier can be summed up by a quote from Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II when he told Escoffier, "I am the Emperor of Germany, but you are the emperor of chefs."

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You mean "Australian" singer.

(Escoffier's lesser known work Ma Cousine was perhaps the inspiration for To Serve Man.)

Posted by: Damien Warman on November 1, 2002 9:29 PM
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