Dia de los Muertos

For the last few years, Russell and i have quietly celebrated Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) at home, with a small private altar. This year, we decided to check out the neighborhood festivities with jD and Logan. It sounded like more folks might be interested, so we decided to host an open house - dinner before the 7pm processional, and Mexican hot chocolate and cookies afterwards.

The challenge: come up with a menu that would feed many or a few, quickly. Keep it vegetarian. Make sure the leftovers (in the case that you only feed a few) are enticing enough to reheat and re-embellish over the next week.

We decided to make butternut squash soup, a salad of romaine, bell pepper, apple & avocado with a spicy citrus-cumin dressing, and bread & cheese & olives. Oh, and the ubiquitous bowl of Halloween candy we keep trying to get everyone else to eat.

I think it turned out nicely - Raven, jD, and Logan joined us for dinner. We ran into Dan and Carol, jennyg, Forrest, and Chris Comparini & Jocelyn en route. Chris & Jocelyn joined jD , Logan, Russell and myself for dessert - hot chocolate made with Ibarra and Sharffenberger with freshly made whipped cream, and almond biscotti from Lucca. (Everyone should have a Lucca a block away to be their pastry chef.) We each chomped on a bite of the sugar skull that jD and Logan brought to share.

Today we repurposed some of the soup as a ravioli sauce; it will provide another meal or two as the week wears on.

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