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Ok, folks. I have a menu challenge for y'all. I'm going to be cooking a birthday dinner for my friend Duane, who has a great love for all things of heat - capsicum, garlic, wasabi, or otherwise. I know a few things: cocktails and snacks are going to include gingered lemon&lime drops with sweet & spicy toasted almonds, the main course is going to be a shrimp and scallop etouffe, i'll follow it with a salad (maybe my caesar - Adam's been telling him about it), and end with something Chocolate. This leaves me needing an amuse-bouche and a starter, and potentially a different salad. Any advice? The entree is going to be rich,and full of heat -- so i'd like to balance the mouthfeel a bit with the app. I like the idea of doing something southern-fusion for the app as well, but i'm not heart-set on it. I think i'm going to do something with chanterelles for the amuse-bouche, but i'm not set on that, either. Thoughts? Help? Comment away!

Posted by shock on November 05, 2002 | TrackBack

My favorite spicy southern appetizer is jalapeno hush puppies.

Posted by: heather on November 6, 2002 2:48 PM

hmmm. Recipe?

Posted by: meriko on November 6, 2002 5:50 PM

It's been years since I've made them, but this looks about like the recipe I used:

Posted by: heather on November 8, 2002 9:22 AM
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