Jenny's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Karine asked for chocolate chip cookie recipes -- My classmate Jenny brought these in for a potluck party at school, and the entire class went crazy. They're the best cookies I've ever had. She's not kidding about the "more baking soda" than normal part. Think I'll try making these myself today or tomorrow.

Jenny's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baker’s Note: This is your basic Toll House Cookie recipe, but with more
brown sugar, more baking soda, more chocolate chips, and the secret
technique to “break the crust”, which gives the cookies a nice texture.

One cup Crisco butter flavored all-vegetable shortening, (conveniently sold
in sticks, like butter)
Half cup regular white granulated sugar
One cup light brown sugar, packed and overflowing
One teaspoon pure vanilla extract, (use real extract, not imitation vanilla
Two large eggs, (eggs must be at room temperature and added one at a time)
One tablespoon baking soda
One teaspoon salt
Two and a quarter cups of all-purpose flour, (you may need to add a little
more for consistency)
Two bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips, (that’s 24 ounces total)

Mix the ingredients in the order listed. Use a mix-master if you have one.
Mix in the last cup of flour by hand. Of course, add the chocolate chips by
hand. Don’t over-mix as this may toughen the cookies. You may need to add
a touch more flour to achieve a perfect consistency.

Drop onto ungreased cookie sheet. Incidentally, the best cookie sheets are
the ones with the pocket of air in the middle, so the cookies bake evenly
and won’t burn. Also, keep in mind that the oven rack should be directly in
the center of the oven. Use only this center oven rack, and only place one
cookie sheet in the oven at a time.

Bake at 350 or so for about seven minutes, and then rotate the cookie sheet
so the cookies bake evenly. Bake for another four or five minutes, for a
total of about 10-12 minutes baking time. If you have a nifty convection
oven, then consider yourself lucky and you can skip the rotation step.

Now, this is the important part: When the cookies are a nice browned color
(not under-cooked, not over-cooked, just right), then take the cookie sheet
out of the oven and set aside for one minute to allow the cookies to set.
Keep in mind that the cookies are continually baking as long as they remain
on the cookie sheet. Don’t over-cook!

Place your wire cooling rack on the counter top. You must have a proper
cooling rack.

OK, this might sound a little tedious, but this is the secret technique and
well worth the time: Take each cookie, one by one, off the cookie sheet,
and while it’s still on the spatula, “scrunch” the cookie with two thumbs
and two index fingers to “break the crust”. This will give you the nice
textured cookie top. Try not to burn your fingers on the hot chocolate

Let the cookies cool a bit and enjoy!

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