Spicy Brains - duane's birthday dinner

Duane likes spicy food. I promised a multi-course dinner for a birthday gift. We enjoyed it this last Saturday night. Of course, i was inspired to name the menu by these lovely kitties, who can smell your brain. Your spicy, spicy brains.

I'd be happy to post recipes or answer questions about timings and whatnot - just throw out requests in the comments, and i'll post some more entries! Dinner was for four: me, Russell, Duane, and Adam. We started around 6pm, and finished eating around 11.

aperitifs: gingered lemon/lime drops with spicy maple pecans
amuse bouche: a shot glass of butternut squash soup, with a scraping of mascarpone cheese and a tiny drop of pumpkin seed oil. (Someday i will have demitasse cups for this presentation!)
appetizer: chanterelle and d'affinois pizzas on baby greens
entree: freshwater shrimp etouffee with rice (Russell had a rolled chicken breast with mascarpone, parsley, and apricot filling.)
salad: caesar salad
cheese: composed plate of asian pears with point reyes blue, garnished with a few cherries
dessert: coconut and macademia nut tarts with vanilla ice cream

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