pre-isotope dinner

It's been quiet around here - so it's about time for me to post another menu. Again, any recipes you want, just ask - i'll followup with a recipe posting. 8)

Last weekend, Adrienne and Jim came up to the city to take Russell & i to a party at Isotope - a single malt scotch tasting in honor of Warren Ellis' visit and the renaming of this fantastic comics shop. I take the opportunity to cook for Ades and Jim anytime i can, so we invited 3 of the 4 Leckmans (sadly, Soosh was relegated to Casa Leckman for the evening), and popped a quiet dinner party together.

We started with spicy southern-style almonds and a ginger ale, pomegranite, and lime punch. With the weather finally cooling down, i wanted to serve soup - the last of the season's corn let me make a soup that had no milk or cream, and fit into the allowed-veggie list for our motley crew. I love this soup - you'd swear it had cream in it while you're eating it, and it stays delicate and sweet with just the few ingredients.

Continuing on my recent pizza theme, our main course was a pile of salad greens dressed very simply with a pomegranite vinaigrette, topped with individual pizzas with pesto, fresh mozerella, pine nuts, zucchini, and fresh basil, draped with some proscuitto when they came out of the oven. (Well, except for Tad's. He misses out when he refuses the pig, but more for the rest of us!) Pizzas are great - they're so easy to adapt to any individual's particular food likes and dislikes. Someday i dream of having an oven where the bottom rack is a full-rack sized baking stone.

No desserts - we were just stuffed. Some tea and chatting, and the Leckman's walked home, and the four of us cabbed to the scotch tasting.

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