key lime pie?

So tell me about your key lime pie. I tried making some last night, after looking at several recipes, and i'm not sure i like what they are. I guess somewhere in my head i thought key lime pie was more like a lemon merengue pie with no merengue... and lime. It was clear from the recipes that that isn't true, but i'm not sure i'm willing to take these out to the Thanksgiving we're joining today, unless i hear that they're what they should be! They look gorgeous, but texturally, they're halfway to a fallen souffle, almost.... good flavor, but the texture is just weird for me. Russell likes them.... but tell me - what should a key lime pie be? More to report on the other pies in a few hours.

(oh, i settled on the recipe from How to Be a Domestic Goddess.)

Friday Morning addendum: The wee pies settled down into a much better texture after a night in the refrigerator - more like something between a custard and a cheesecake. The lime flavor really shone through - the adults loved them, and one of the kids said "It's too lemony!" and went back to the lemon-blueberry tart for more. Overall, i think they were a hit! I topped them with a dollop of freshly whipped cream, and a few strands of lime zest. Unfortunately, the battery on my camera was out of fuel, so no photos.

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