Limon Redux

Long ago, at the inception of this here site (uh, a few months ago), i passed a restuarant called Limon and posted that i wanted to try it. After eating there once with my dad and Russell, and another time a few weeks later on a business dinner, i was thrilled. The food is fantastic; everyone concurs. The staff is friendly, the joint is small, the prices are reasonable. It's a little further than Villa Poppi, and a different genre of food, but i think that we may have found our replacement for homey, kickass food in the Mission. I scanned the menu for y'all last month, but didn't get around to compressing it and making it readable. I've tried about 2/3 of the things on it now, and would eat them all again, happily. Poking around SFGate today, i saw that Michael Bauer agrees with me. I hope we can still get a table.

Anyone up for a December gastronome outing?

Posted by shock on December 02, 2002 | TrackBack
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