planning NYF 2002

In the waning days of 1999, Beca & Russell & i started a tradition that i think is my favorite part of the winter holidays: New Year's Feast. We were looking for a way to celebrate with people we loved, in a cozy, non-crazy environment. We combined my love for elaborate dinner parties with these criteria, and came up with NYF. We share a multi-course meal slowly through the night, chatting and enjoying each others' company. We generally issue an open invite to stop in for a glass of wine to anyone passing through the 'hood on their way to their festivities, and get to say hi to a variety of lovely folks throughout the evening. The first few years, our dirty little soiree included a viewing of Show Girls, but we've reserved that firmly for the first these days.

I get the joy of planning a festive meal - i don't worry about costs or money; i cook things i am challenged by and interested in cooking. I get to execute the dishes, and dedicate a few days in the kitchen, and then share the meal with some of my favorite people.

Last year i was on an Asian-fusion American-nouveau kick. This year i'm feeling like the menu is going to have a distinctly French feel to it. I want to do a caviar tasting; i'm deciding between the traditional Big Three, or a few locally farmed and created caviars. I definitely want to do a steak tartare for the meat course. and i have dessertish dreams for a clever tart. I'm toying with some sort of crab dish for the fish course, and perhaps individual onion tartlettes? I'm going to pick up a few cookbooks for perusal in the car during the holiday road-tripping. Discuss, discuss!

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