planning NYF 2002, deux

Today i spent much of the day working on NYF, in a scattered sort of way. The morning started with coffee, cookbooks, and menu-planning; it ended with cocktail development (and a gastronome post!).

Today i flushed out the menu. More to come on the final menu, and the whys and whats. I made up the ingredients list, by dish, and we marched out to attack the consumer centers of our fair city. We spent some time searching for some tableware i needed (demitasse cups & caviar spoons), and went on a caviar hunt. We picked up some of our ingredients at Andronicos. (Bi-Rite turns out to have caviar and raw foie gras this time of year, but they only had imported caviar; i was heartset on California caviar.)

With shopping success we came home, and i began prototyping some of the dishes - i try and practice the dishes i am making up & i'm uncertain about, or are new to me and reputedly tricky. Today i worked out the kinks in an orange juice-based curd (from the lemon curd recipe in the lemon and blueberry tart); next i test-drove blinis, which we ate for dinner. (See Tom's advice on cooking for crowds - the lessons apply for almost any fancy dinner with many courses, and you should take his counsel with my full endorsement.)

I spent a good chunk of time working out the components to cooking each dish, and then worked up my timeline for tomorrow and Tuesday. Are y'all interested in seeing such things posted here? Tom posted his menu list and his prep list (like my timeline in concept; yes, i do learn from my friends!) for his birthday party this year, and i found it quite interesting. Let me know - if anyone is interested, i'll transpose my prep lists and timelines with notes on how well we matched them after NYF. Heck, maybe i'll just subject you to them anyway. ;)

Finally, we set back out to find some Stoli Vanil, and i worked on the proportions for a cocktail i'd like to call a 'key lime pie'. Stoli Vanil, Charbay Key Lime Vodka, and simple syrup... the garnish will stay a surprise! I think Tad will especially like this concoction.

Tomorrow: Pain de mie! Puff pastry, from scratch!

Posted by shock on December 29, 2002 | TrackBack

I would love to see your lists -- I just read Tom's, and now I'm exhausted. That's an amazing amount of work! What a great menu, though.

Posted by: heather on December 30, 2002 11:04 AM
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