Andiamo - Yummy Italian in the Marina

I rarely find myself in the Marina, so its kind of annoying to discover wonderful little restaurants over there, but last night I found myself over in that area for one of the few reasons I ever do... A movie was playing at the Presidio theater that wasn't showing anywhere else (About Schmidt, by director of Election. A good film, but not a must-see).

Anyway, wasn't going to be able to eat till 10pm, and did a citysearch look to see if there were any interesting looking restaurants open late, and came across this one, that was at the top of the list of user ratings, and right around the corner.

It's called Andiamo and is just around the corner from the theater, web site claiming open till 11pm on a sunday. And the menu boasted an arabbiata, which meriko knows I am extremely partial to. And so, my evening's sustenance was planned, and my companion and I travelled forth into the wasteland known as the Marina, knowing that there would be warm yummy pasta to be had eventually. And, I have to admit, soulless yuppies do know how to eat.

We got there around 9:45ish, and the sign on the door indicated that they closed at 9:30, but they welcomed us in, and seated several people after us, so maybe they are just schizophrenic. Small cute cozy place. And our waiter was of that particular type, the uber friendly flirty handsome italian stud who sits down next to you to take your order, that is one of my favorite bits of small italian restaurants. Ah, must go back to florence.

I ordered the carpaccio (I'm at the point where I order that any time I see it on the menu, especially when it shows up as a special) and the previously mentioned arabbiata (how could I resist), although it was hard, cause they had crab stuffed ravioli in a butter garlic sauce as a special. But must stay focused!

The arabbiata was just wonderful. Probably not as amazing as the angry pasta of pastaio, rest in peace, but the most worthy successor I've found to date. Fresh grated pepper and cheese topped it off perfectly.

The carpaccio was kind of disappointing. The thinly sliced meat came draped over the greens underneath it, and neither the meat or the greens had any sort of vinegar or seasoning or flavor to them at all, on their own. Its the first time I've had carpaccio done in a way where it was just kind of bland. Ended up having to squeeze lemon over it and sprinkle salt (I almost never find myself using salt) and having to chase all the few capers to make each bite fun. Wouldn't get this again there.

Michelle ordered garlic bread and the carbonara. The garlic bread was great, and the bite of carbonara I had was just amazing. So simple, so delicious, so bad for you. Michelle didn't end up finishing all of her pasta, and it was all I could do to keep from throwing myself over the table to lap up the rest of it. But I was able to restrain myself, and with a tear in my eye, I watched the waiter clear away her dish. But I think I am the better woman for it.

If I go again (which I'm sure I will), I will be hardpressed as to which pasta dish I will order, they were both amazing. Maybe I can convince them to do a half and half order :)

We had wine, which michelle picked out (she's a total wine girl) and I don't remember what it was, but I loved it.

We finished things up with tiramisu. I'm not much of a desserts girl, and never really been partial to tiramisu in particular, but this was really excellent. Very light and tasty.

Oh, and did I mention? This place is extremely inexpensive. Two appetizers, two entres, two glasses of wine, and a dessert, and our bill came to $42 pre-tip.

Posted by carrie on December 30, 2002 | TrackBack

Ok the description of the place jogged my memory - I have actually eaten at Andiamos about a dozen times. Until last week, my sister lived around the block from this place.

I can second the review: good inexpensive italian food, with swarthy, buff waitstaff and nice service. And if you are lucky you can even watch the hunky waiters hop on vespas to go deliver pizzas - so Italian! Ciao! Ciao!

Posted by: rebecca on December 30, 2002 3:43 PM
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