NYF 2002 - a photoessay

Pop on over to this photoessay that chronicles our meal - or just peek at the menu. Over the next few weeks i'll post the wine pairings & my thoughts, prep sheets, and recipes. If there's a particular recipe you'd like, shout it out & i'll key it in first. Overall rating: a success! Russell and Beca are great sous-chefs, and even my shattered-and-reassembled puff-pastry tarts cooked up beautifully. Themes for the meal:
- Well, there's definitely an overall French theme going on...
- Breads & pastry i have & have not made before. I did three "new" ones, and one old one. New to me are the pain de mie, blini, and puff pastry. The familiar one is our old faithful - pate sucree.
- We started and ended with citrus. A nice note, i think.

The plaintext final linup, for the record....

a new years fete
31 decembre 2002

aperitif - key lime pie

échantillon de caviar

duet des potages - champignon & cresson

tour des fruits de mer

bifteck tartare

tarte du poireau et chèvre
salad verte

tarte pointillé

Posted by shock on January 01, 2003 | TrackBack

oh all looks and sounds fabulous! Can't wait for the lists and recipes....

Posted by: andrea on January 1, 2003 8:57 PM
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