goodbye, gordon's...

Gordon's House of Fine Eats has closed the doors for the last time. Last Saturday night (18 January) was their last evening of operation...

Russell and i walked over on Thursday for a last meal there - we sat at the bar, had a few cocktails, and revisted some favorites from previous trips. Gordon's is responsible for convincing us that brussells sprouts might we worth eating - i'll have to try and replicate the dish, it's so damned good. Leaf the sprouts, and quickly sauté them in bacon fat. Toss with salt, pepper, the bacon shards, and balsamic-reduced onions. The sprouts should still have a bit of firmness to them. We also sampled the smoked salmon flatbread, and the camembert and pear pizza. And the doughnuts. We had the fantastic, hot, steaming assortment of doughnuts. As usual, we couldn't finish them. We were glad to have you while you were here, Gordon's!

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