Andalu up uP UP---down...

We went to Andalu on Friday and checked out the pre fixe menu. All the yummy things I had planned to order weren't on there so we passed and went for the usual menu...

I liked the interior: busy, spacious, loud, bustling, kitchen open yet hidden in the back, well stocked bar in front, upstairs banquet area (with "happy birthday" floating down), the huge lovely mural and the simple circular space-theme overhead windows.

We started with the fondue, which was all right. The accompanying toasts were nice and having both pears and apple slices was great. The cheese itself was grainy and somewhat flour-y. It was exactly like a gorgonzola pasta sauce P. makes and I was expecting something thicker and with a smoother texture.

Next up, the polenta fries with tomato sauce. YUM! These sliver-moon shaped fries were cooked perfectly and the tangy tomato viniagrette was great. I added salt to my fries because it just tasted more like sin that way.

The pitcher of sangria was yummy, mild but yummy! Service for glass refilling was excellent as well.

Next up, dish of andalusian olives. Now, I don't quite understand this, but they had a hint of root beer. I kept trying to pin the flavor but never quite got it. These were standard briney olives and a nice in-between dish.

I ordered the butter lettuce salad with radishes and it was excellent. The croutons were flavorful and the light dressing tangy and nice. I didn't go for an entree as there wasn't really one that rang my bell. (more room for dessert) P. had the cassoulette /duck confit and the bite I sampled was delicious.

And onto dessert! I ordered the fresh mini-donuts with Mexican hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was served in small cups. Very strong with thick condensed milk. Yum yum yum. The donuts, unfortunately, were severely disappointing. Not what I was expecting at all. Did you make bread balls as a kid? Where you pull off the crusts of your wonderbread and roll it up in your fist until it's a gummy snow-ball? Cover that memory with powdered sugar and there you have the dessert. I was disappointed by the yeasty bready donuts. I was hoping for some soft cakey ones. Oh well. Maybe they'll catch on that dessert donuts went out of fashion last year?

P. ordered the banana and pecan tartlet and I think I had a bite but I was so unhappily fixated over my donuts that I forgot if it was good or not.

Ah well, guess I'll just have to go back and try it again!

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