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So like two years ago, my mom got me a vegetarian cookbook. 'Madhur Jaffrie's World Vegetarian'. It's a huge volume of recipes from all over the world, (though mostly indian-asian cuisine) and though it's generally easy to follow, it's totally intimidating. Just to cook some greens means making several sub-recipes, aquireing bizarre spices and oils, and lentils that need hours of prep time to soak or cook are always somehow involved.

When we moved to our new place, i realized two things:
A) i want to cook at home more, and not eat out all the time, and
B) i have no upper limit for eating indian food. i could shovel their yummy gloopy veggie stuff till the sacred cow came home, had some chai, stayed up all night watching bollywood films, and then left for cow-work the next morning.

So i dove into 'World Vegetarian', and.... i love it! I'm practially down the street from all the Indian Spice stores i'd need, and even though i work late, all i want to do when i come home is see what insane combo of veggies and spices i can make. So, that said, i'm posting here to formally announce my Intent To Cook Food Lots! I'm sure i'll have lots of questions, and if i have any successes, i'll be sure to share them.


Posted by tapeworm on January 29, 2003 | TrackBack

Go CookWorm! Don't forget to share the recipes that you love... and invite us all over for dinner...

Doot dee doo...

Posted by: mo on January 30, 2003 11:40 AM
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