A valentine's meal

I generally don't advocate going out to eat on Valentine's day - save the outing for another time, and curl up at home with people you like and have a cozy meal. (Hm. My holiday strategy is becoming predictable.) Here's what Russell and i had last night:

Lucca tortellini in a creamy sun-dried tomato sauce with proscuitto (pink food!)
A simple salad
Steamed artichoke with anchovy butter (for me)

Apple tart with vanilla ice cream and bourbon-caramel sauce

And the sufficiently goopy poem i wrote in his card:

The Love Cook

Let me cook you some dinner.
Sit down and take off your shoes
and socks and in fact the rest
of your clothes, have a daiquiri,
turn on some music and dance
around the house, inside and out,
it's night and the neighbors
are sleeping, those dolts, and
the stars are shining bright,
and I've got the burners lit
for you, you hungry thing.

--Ron Padgett

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