Tad's 34th Birthday

One down, and one to go. I think i can firmly declare this one a success.

Tonight was Tad's 34th birthday; his gift from the Borogoves was a formal dinner party geared towards Tad-food, with a guest list of his choosing. I know i've mentioned Tad before, and Beca talks about their unique challenges as a family in her bio; it was fun to plan a menu around Tad's loves and adapt for the rest of us, instead of the other way around.

I think that we all had a great time - a fabulous group of people, a lovely birthday boy, a fuzzball under the table, and good talk, food, and wine.

Tonight the menu was:

kir royal

roasted red pepper soup (served in demitasse cups, such fun!)

crostini with asparagus pesto
crostini with millennium tofu spread

wild mushroom cassoulet
salad vert

ollallieberry & pink lady apple tarts
double rainbow vanilla soy cream

joseph schmidt truffled almonds
joseph schmidt toffee almonds

I'm not wild about beans, but i think the cassoulets worked out well. I forgot that i should have cold-smoked the peppers for that psuedo-bacon effect until it was too late, but they were pretty good anyway. Layered in the 11-oz ramekins, i left a third of an inch rather than filling them to the top, and they didn't bubble over (much). I think the Bonny Doon Vin Gris de Cigare paired perfectly with the chilled asparagus pesto; we drank a Bonny Doon viognier and a 1997 Navarro Pinot Noir with the cassoulet. I served the almonds mixed up in the lovely squareish demitasse cups that Carol gave me for Christmas this year. I forgot to photograph the amuse bouche and the mignardaise, but i was pleased by beginning and ending with a similar plating. I'll be posting some recipes over the next few days. Anything in particular you want to see?

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