cosmopolitan dinner

As Mary Anne put it, this was a very cosmopolitan dinner - Some plain ol' Americans, a Canadienne, several Australians, a Scots, and (forgive me if i get this wrong, Mary Anne) an American-born Sri Lankan. Mostly though, it was great conversation over good food with lovely people. These folks definitely benefitted from Tad's dinner on Saturday - oddly, the tofu spread seemed more popular at this dinner than the asparagus pesto. The opposite seemed true at Tad's dinner. Wacky!

So the final menu:

Kir Royal

Roasted red pepper soup
(Again with the demitasse cups! They make me sooooo happy.)

Crostini with tofu spread
Crostini with asparagus pesto
Lovely cold grapes

Salmon baked with pumpkin-seed oil
Salsa verde
Charred shallot mashed potatoes (these were vegan!)
Sugar snap peas

Carrot cake cupcakes
Toffee & truffled almonds

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