Sunday brunch

A few weeks ago, Tammy & Todd came over for Sunday brunch. Todd and i whipped up a tasty brunch while Tammy drew Russell's hand and the messed around with R's music programs. We ate, basking in the sunbeams in the bay window. I've always liked joining friends for brunch out; i had no idea i would enjoy hosting brunch as much as i did. It was lovely. I see grilled brunches coming up in the near future, if the weather stays this lovely!

The menu:

Pomegranite kir royals

Point Reyes Blue & Paranno with sliced apples


Crab, asparagus & goat cheese tarts
Honeydew with rosemary&mint syrup; grapes

Plenty of coffee!

I'll post a master recipe for these free-form tarts i've been playing around with; i'm very happy with them, overall. On a whim, i infused some simple syrup (1:1 water:sugar) with rosemary and mint from the garden, and tossed the honeydew balls in it, and then chilled the mixture. The light touch of the herbs was fantastic against the cool melon flavor, and was overall a good contrast to the sweet, tangy, and rich tart.

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