friday night supper

A Friday night supper, not clean for Passover - but since it was just R & i, that was A-OK.

Judy Roger's Zuni Cafe signature roasted chicken & bread salad
Mimi's Tomato Bisque
1998 Navarro Pinot Noir, method a'la ancienne

Strawberries macerated in sugar and Grand Marnier over vanilla ice cream

Ok, so this is the second time i've roasted a birdie using Judy Roger's method, and now i swear by it. No basting, no brining, nothing really fancy. Salt & pepper the bird a few days in advance, stuff some herbs under the breast skin, and let it sit in the fridge, loosely covered. Roast in VERY high heat, turning twice during cooking, in a dry, preheated, oven-safe skillet. You wind up with perfectly juicy, falling apart at the joints meat combined with the crispiest loveliest chicken skin you have ever tasted.

The bread salad is very nice - hand-torn chunks of bread, vinaigrette, toasted crispy with scallions and garlic and currants (we used dried cherries) and pine nuts. Tossed with some mesclun, served under the chicken.

For the full experience of the recipe, i highly recommend picking up a copy of the cookbook: The Zuni Cafe Cookbook. It's several pages of excellent prose and advice, as well as a great method and recipe. The entire book is fantastic - i'm about halfway done reading it, cover-to-cover.

And there's really no excuse for me to not go eat there more often.

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