Farmers' Market Moving Day

I'm a little sad that i wasn't able to meet up with Naomi at the Farmers' Market today - it's the last time they'll be in the parking lot at Embarcadero and Green. The new digs are MUCH nicer - we snooped around them a bit a few weeks ago, but still - it would have been nice to say farewell to the old site. But Naomi is a peach; not just because she met us for lunch at Ti Couz after we bailed on the Farmers' Market, but she brought me green garlic - so all my dinner guests owe her worship, as well. 8)

The new site is in the Ferry Plaza building proper; the ribbon cutting is on April 26, next Saturday.

Posted by shock on April 19, 2003 | TrackBack

as you've posted the recipe, i'm feeling well repaid and then some ;) i didn't even know about green garlic!

(the most *fascinating* vegetables turn up when your growing season is more than 4 months long!)

might wander out to the market for the opening. hmmm hmmm

Posted by: naomi_traveller on April 25, 2003 11:02 PM
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