a wee dinner party

Last night we had Beca, Tad, Forrest, and Todd over for supper. Forrest had requested "high carb" food, and "something with fruit" for dessert. He's been pretty darned vegan these days, but promised to tolerate a little dairy if i'd spare the beast and make dinner especially yummy. I think i struck a reasonable compromise. (Todd doesn't eat mammals, but other than that he doesn't have any real dietary no-nos.) The final menu:

Green Garlic Soup
Greg's Lasagne, adapted to use less dairy (see below)
Caesar Salad

Strawberries macerated in Grand Marnier & Vanilla Ice Cream

We drank the rest of the Navarro Pinot Noir i opened on Friday, a 1998 Sierra Vista Syrah, and a 1989 Cabernet Sauvignon from Navarro. We finished the evening off with some cherry honey wine in the wee cordial glasses.

The green garlic soup was done with vegetable stock, but no added cream or milk - so the only dairy in it was the butter the green garlic stewed in. (Thank you again, Naomi!)

The lasagne used zucchini and roasted red peppers - i didn't have the time to deal with the eggplant. Rather than a béchamel sauce for the white sauce, i made a velouté - again with the vegetable stock. A cup of butter, a cup of flour, and around a quart of liquid. Add the liquid until you get the consistency you liked. I flavored the velouté with nutmeg and salt, just like a béchamel. I used my microplane to dust a bit of parmesan over each layer, so the lasagne was also very light on cheese. Beca had a place of pasta with butter, olive oil, lemon, sage, and pepper.

The caesar used a ground-up green olive to replace the anchovy; those who like to avoid the dairy had Soy Dream ice cream rather than the Haagen Daas that i ate. 8)

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