solitary supper

Saturday night i found myself with a wealth of lovely ingredients from the Farmers' Market, and only myself to cook for. I made a dinner that was full of some of my favorite things that Russell just doesn't much care for - and enjoyed it quietly by candlelight with a book. Sometimes i forget that spoiling just myself can be as much fun as spoiling the people i love, food-wise.

Dinner was two small artichokes, steamed. Seared scallops and morels pan-roasted with butter and thyme. A small wedge of Cowgirl Creamery's Mt. Tam, and a nice class of Sauvignon Blanc. (Click on the cheese to see the full pic.)

I popped the artichokes in to steam, first thing. I heated up a sauté pan and slowly roasted the morels with butter, thyme, and salt. I removed these, and seared the scallops in the same pan. Deglaze the pan with a healthy glug of chardonnay verjus, reduce until syrupy with the liquid the scallops are releasing in the holding bowl, and mount with a little butter.

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