It was everything that the reviews and meriko said it would be. One of the best meals of my life, for the mind-boggling low price of $32. This is definitely going to be a monthly indulgence for me.

We went for the "second wednesday" event that I'd been told was a tasting menu all from a specific region on spain. But when we arrived, it didn't appear that it was any night other than a regular night. Our server never mentioned anything about it, and I was too shy to ask.

First treat, they brought is little shots of sherry with tasty little crackers with olives on them resting on the top of the glass.

Second treat from the chef was a very small bowl of chicken and potato soup, that was super yummy.

But then, oh, the impressiveness of the first official course... They bring large soup bowls over, that are soup-free, but plated with 3 little breadstick things, a bit of cooked onion in the middle, and sprinkled with cheese. and then they ladled onion soup into the bowls. Absolutely amazing presentation. And delicious!

Second course was a salad plate, with about 5 small pieces of asparagus wrapped with prosciutto sitting in the middle of the plate, on a sauce, with circles of raw onion surrounding little circles of zucchini drizzled with balsamic on other parts of the plate with a few tiny lemon slices also drizzled in balsamic. Can't really do justice in words to how artfully this was presented as well. So beautiful. And tasty!

Third course was a dish that was like a little mountain of rice, covered in the world's thinnest slice of apple, with a line of a green sauce running through the middle of it and off to the sides. The rice/apple dish tasted amazingly of scampi, just the right amount of butter/lemon flavoring, with a little sweet tartness from the apple. I could have eaten bowl after bowl of it.

Fourth Course was a plate with a triangle of thin paper pocket in it, with a smear of something yellow against the edge of the plate/bowl. Server cut open the paper, and inside was a steamed white fish, with various vegetables,
that was amazing and the yellow stuff was a potato puree of some kind.

Our last savory course was two small pieces of baked pork, with two sauces, one carrot infused, one lime infused, topped with seasoned raw carrot shavings that were amazing, over a garlic puree.

For our sixth course, and first dessert course, we were served little glasses with an amazing custard, with chocolate at the bottom of the glass, and drizzled on top, served with a cinnamon chocolate thin cookie, that looked crisp but was actually relatively flexibly bendy.

For our seventh and last course, they brought out a plate with a tiny vertical rectangle of chocolate and mousse cake, surrounded by chocolate and a bit of strawberry preserves. Then they lit rum on fire, and poured the rum in a circle around the cake, making a firey circle. So fun! Burning man on a plate!

I can't wait to go back :) And next time, with a digital camera

Posted by carrie on May 16, 2003 | TrackBack

*le pant*

that sounds so delightful! They do have a vegetarian option, don't they?

Posted by: heather on May 16, 2003 12:49 PM

I'm SO glad you enjoyed it, Miss Carrie. I really enjoy their food, their presentation - all of it. 8)

Posted by: meriko on May 19, 2003 7:56 AM
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