leckman-borogove supper

Tonight the Leckmans joined us for supper - it's been a while, but they're still our favorite guests. The menus was designed around an idea for an asian-styled crab soup i've been dreaming up for Beca & i (to use up the crab bodies i've stored in the freezer, so romantic!).

We started with a Dai Tartare. I substituted mirabelle peppers for the thai bird chiles in the two-chile-salt dip (on recommendation from the pepper-guy at the market this morning), and small-diced roasted red pepper for the beef in Tad's dish. I served this with gingered lemon drop cocktails (and a gingered mint lemonade non-alcoholic version).

The main course was an asian-inspired soup, with crab for Beca & i. and fried tofu cubes for the boys. I served it alongside a salad of mesclun and carrots, coated lightly in a ginger-mustard dressing. I served a 1999 estate-bottle Navarro Gewurtz, and Navarro Gewurtz grape juice to match.

I'll post a follow-up recipe for the soup method - i think it was overall quite successful for an asian glass-noodle soup. It was enhanced only by the company. (I am reminded how good asian-inspired food is for the lactose-intolerant, tonight!)

Posted by shock on June 21, 2003 | TrackBack

I love that you use "crab bodies" and "romantic" in the same sentence...

Why is "Dai Tartare" called that? What does the "Dai" part mean?

Posted by: naomi on June 23, 2003 12:44 PM

I descibed the Dai tartare in the Sunday Dai/Thai supper post:

Dai is the name of a group of people who live and have food similar to the Thai.

Essentialy, it's beef chopped as for a tartare, mixed with Szhehuan pepper-salt, and served with a spicy two-pepper dipping powder, wrapped in lettuce leaves.

Posted by: meriko on June 23, 2003 2:42 PM

Aha... I only knew "Dai" as a Welsh name. This makes more sense!

Posted by: naomi on June 23, 2003 4:51 PM
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