quick mango lassi (and random mango tips)

This is probably not a "true" mango lassi, as depending on which East-Indian friends I ask, a true lassi is made with yoghurt, and the mango taste is meant to come from mango puree. (I think Ashish is wrong on the mango puree, but I'm not getting into an argument with his mother!)

So this is my own variant on the classic, using fresh mango and kefir

Peel and slice a fresh mango. You can use any kind of mango: if you're deeply averse to fiber, use the Ataulfo variety. The riper the better, but there should be no dark spots on the inside. I've found the easiest way of preparing fresh mango is to peel the skin with a good sharp potato peeler and then slice the meat from the pit with a paring knife.

Add the following ingredients to your blender:
1 peeled, sliced mango
1 c. plain kefir (the lifeway brand one is tasty)
3/4 c. milk
1 tbsp honey (or to taste)
1 tsp vanilla extract

Blenderize until smooth and frothy. If you have ice, pour over ice and serve. Mint makes a nice garnish.

Random notes...
The proportions in this really are up to you: more kefir and less milk makes a thicker, more filling shake. If you don't have kefir, use yoghurt and increase the milk ratio.

Vanilla is not at all traditional, but I like the way it rounds out the honey and mango flavours and softens the acidity of the kefir.

If you find yourself with an abundance of mangoes, sliced mango freezes beautifully. Just peel and chunk them all, toss them in a freezer bag, and freeze. The high sugar content in the mango makes it easy to chop off a chunk from the block with a good knife -- you can then use frozen mango to make a lassi when mango's not in season.


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