carrara's cafe

Carrara's Cafe
2735 Broadway (at 27th St), Oakland

I made a deal with myself: if all the culture I'm doing now is free, I can afford one inexpensive meal out each weekend. And I'm keen on seeking out all the nifty places the East Bay has to offer. I think I hit bullseye with Carrara's this morning.

I had one of their benedicts: poached egg, slice of heirloom tomato, HUGE chunk of mozzarella, herb scone, hollandaise sauce on top. It made me do the happy counter dance. Beautifully herbed Yukon gold potato chunks on the side with NO ONIONS topped with a dab of sour cream, also a smattering of fruit. Pure bliss.

For some reason, it's in a car dealership.

Posted by astraea on September 06, 2003 | TrackBack

That sounds amazing. And what is it with every breakfast/brunch place cooking their potatoes with onion and/or peppers these days? Just give me some well-seasoned, golden crisp spuds, please!

Posted by: jenblossom on September 7, 2003 6:13 PM
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