katana-ya ramen

Katana-ya Ramen
10546 San Pablo Ave (at Moeser Lane), El Cerrito

It's hard to add anything to what Dan Leone has to say in the link above, but I'd like to throw in my own glowing recommendation for this little Japanese restaurant in an El Cerrito strip mall. I had one of the ramen combos (ramen + gyoza + salad + pickled vegetables + drink, $8) after church on Sunday, and everything was yummilicious. The menu has literally more than a hundred items and combos to choose from, everything from sushi to noodles to teriyaki. It's not fancy, but the prices are definitely right. By the way, many treasures can be found in El Cerrito strip malls, but more on that later.

Posted by astraea on September 24, 2003 | TrackBack
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