imperfect sunday dinner

beef1web.jpgLast weekend, Naomi & Rene came over for dinner. It was lovely to meet Rene, and i'm always happy to spend some time with Naomi. While dinner was tasty, i wasn't entirely thrilled with the execution of everything. Read on for my breakdown in gory detail.

starters: cocktails, Red Hawk, crackers & olives
app: Chantarelle, d'affinois & persillade pizzas
entree: boeuf a la bourguignonne
dessert: Tarte tatin

The cheese and pizzas were perfect. The new baking stone did its job nicely. The fall chantarelles are lovely, right now.

I was a little disappointed in my beef - the sauce was silky and wonderful, and the potatoes were right on, but i should have let the beef cook for another 40 minutes. I guess that's what i get for getting started late. I always forget how long it takes to cook that dish. The meat wasn't egregiously tough, but it certainly wasn't falling-apart-tender, either. Argh.

The tarte tatin was a spectacular failure (but it wasn't inedible). I picked up my favorite new apples - Somersets - and thought to use them. Naomi correctly predicted on slicing that they were going to melt (wrong for pie!). When i turned the tart, i found that the thick caramel coating was really a thin caramel-apple sauce - and the apples were shrunken and way too soft. The whole wheat flour in the pie crust might have been ok if it hadn't been completely drenched and soggy with the excess syrup, but overall, it was weird. With some butter pecan ice cream on top, we all still ate it - but it was wierd. Not at all what i was looking for - Naomi convinced me to serve it, anyway. Reminder: DON'T MESS WITH PASTRY FOR GUESTS. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS preflight it.....

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