Chenery Park - comfort food for a bad day

P took me to Chenery Park to help ease the pain of a bad day. Once again, the amazing service and delicious dinner has me desperate to go back as soon as possible.

We had reservations for 9ish but decided to go ahead and show up early for drinks at the bar. We were seated at a table anyway and ordered their signature cocktail the Wild Orchid. This is my favorite cocktail ever. How do they get Hawaii in my mouth? Could getting tipsy on Hawaii be any more yummy?

We started with the macaroni and cheese which was tortuously hot, yet creamy and crusty and perfect comfort food. It wasn't as sharp as last time, fewer cheeses perhaps? I love tangy mac-n-cheese. Next we ordered an arugala salad with fig and goat cheese crostini. Magical! I'm never exposed to figs and the combination of figs and tart cheese on crostini was absolute heaven. The vinaigrette paired excellently with the super sweet figs and cheese.

Then we ordered me another Wild Orchid.

P ordered the turkey medallions (sauteed and buttery smooth) with chestnut dressing, brussel sprouts and cranberry campari sauce. I thought the menu said chestnut dressing, but it was actually a savory chestnut bread pudding. Eggy with crunchy roasted nuts. Did I already say heavenly?

I had the double pork chop, potatoes and escarole sauteed in apricot and bacon. Oh my. I ate the esacrole immediately and debated whether or not I was going to share any... The potatoes were grilled and I didn't really dig in to them. I had planned to take some of the pork chop home, but somehow that mesquite-y perfectly cooked tender meat just disappeared and all I could do was chomp on the bone to see if could get it to come back.

In the end, we barely managed to make room for dessert which was also sublime. The topping of the blueberry pear cobbler was buttery and crunchy and carmelly and warm and so very comforting.

And once again, the waitstaff was very attentive and delightful. It was fun to have one of the chefs plop down at the table next to us and eat dinner and gossip.

So after a really really horrid day, Chenery Park soothed me completely. I can't wait to go back!

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