Christmas Dinner 2003

Another holiday, another holiday dinner...
This year we had our Christmas dinner on the 27th, so that most of Russell's family and all of mine could join in, at our new place. A little crazed, and a lot of fun. A few things had to change when i was at the market in the morning to suit the ingredients, but all in all, i think the menu came off quite nicely!

An assortment of cheeses
Muhommorah & crackers
Garlic-stuffed olives

Crab bisque
Asparagus and shiitake soup

Citrus potatoes with hedgehog mushrooms
Baby artichoke hearts stuffed with with crab, parmigiano, and hazelnut oil

Del Papa ravioli
Saffron-sausage pasta sauce
Brussels sprouts with bacon and parmigiano
Caesar salad

Andrea's ginger-lemon poached pears with chocolate-ginger-lemon sauce
Katie's rum balls
Freida's pecan pie

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