mother's day brunch, 2004

Last year, after making brunch for Mom Bornschlegel & Andrea, we went out on a walk and participated in an activity which became our regular Sunday Pursuit for the next 4 months.

This year, we gleefully invited them back - this time to have brunch in the house we bought after they launched our search last year. The springtime produce really does make this time of year a wonderful time to brunch.

Our menu:
Fraise Royale
Cherry chocolate scones & apricot ginger scones
Salmon, yukon gold, asparagus & fava bean has with hollandaise Jackie's way
Asian pears

For the Fraise Royale:
Hull a pint of strawberries. Puree & force through a chinois or fine mesh strainer. Add sugar to taste.
In a cocktail shaker, add a tablespoon or so of strawberry puree for each cup of champagne. Strain into champagne flutes, and top with a tiny float of Grand Marnier.

For the salmon hash:
I used small yukon golds, peeled and cut into 2-inch chunks. I roasted the potatoes and the salmon (adding the salmon when the potatoes were about half-done) at 400 degrees on a silpat over a cookie sheet. While roasting, shuck, blanch, and shell the fava beans, and cook them briefly in water and butter on the stove. Pan sear the asparagus (which i cut on the bias).

Toss all the tasty cooked ingredients gently on a platter, sprinkle sea salt over, and top with champagne hollandaise.

(Jackie, the Saturday bartender at Foreign Cinema told me to try hollandaise sauce with champagne in place of the water - I highly recommend it, now!)

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