first time, first crush

P picked First Crush for Friday's date night. Partly for the huge wine list and partly because it's two blocks from work.

I got there early and plunked myself at the bar. The bartender was really sweet and made me a yummy Hennesy sidecar. He was trying to get some brandy brought up but I didn't mind. The staff were popping over to the bar to sample a bottle of red they were all tasting.

P arrived and we got seated. It's a cozy types of place though if you end up in front of the window, bring a sweater as there's a massive draft.

Our server was very attentive and well, yummy. P ordered a flight of crisp whites. Lovely. We decided to order a bottle of Storrs White Reisling to go with dinner. First up, two small plates: the duck confit in phyllo and the baby artichoke salad with pecorino and arugala.

I thought the duck would be a nice mixture smooshed into little phyllo triangles but it was actually 3 slices of the confit wrapped in phyllo. The sweet tomato-y sauce and olive slice topping was so delicious. The texture of the duck was smooth but without being creamy (I'm not a pate girl, so that was a *good* thing). The grilled baby artichokes were amazing. Crisp outer leaves and soft soft innards and stems. Dressing not too heavy and big chunks of the cheese.

I think Storrs is my favorite winery.

Then we ordered the Fresh Maine Lobster Tagliatelli (Flat ribbon pasta tossed with fresh Maine lobster in a rich cream sauce with a touch of cayenne). Oh my heaven, dreamy dreamy. Sometimes when I order lobster mixed in with something I often find myself wishing there was more meat. The balance was lovely. The presentation was also very pretty, with a bright red lobster with some meat inside on top of the salmon colored cream sauce. So so so good. And less expensive than the chicken dish... ?

We got the dessert menu, while the charming server teased me over suggesting we'd take the bottle of wine home. If he hadn't kept refilling my glass it might have had a chance!

I didn't even look at the dessert and just ordered the cheese plate. Which was AMAZING.

Served with thinly sliced green apple, walnuts, sliced cornichon, local cured olives, and oven fresh baguette toast points:
Bermuda triangle- Northern California goats milk, nutty taste with lingering sweetness
Grafton's Classic Reserve Cheddar- Cow milk cheese, Vermontís oldest cheddar
Petit Basque- Sheep milk cheese with a medium soft, creamy texture & rich flavor
St. Agur Bleu- Cow milk blue cheese, classic French, delicate and creamy with a sweet finish

Surprisingly, the bermuda triangle was my winner. P fell in love with the aged cheddar. And oh oh, I'd sell my dog for more of that bleu cheese.

All in all, a swoony dinner in a cozy setting with attentive staff and delicious, well portioned options. I'm so glad we went right to the cheese plate. We'll have to try dessert next time.

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