cheatin' halibut

Alas, the aforementioned cheatin' is not some sort of hot sardine-on-mackerel action while mrs. halibut is away (real obscure futurama reference there, sorry). The cheatin' is in the fact that...

...I'm just going to link y'all to the recipe rather than type it out. Why? Because it's on Epicurious, and we all know how to use Epicurious, or should. And I figure that pointing folks to a well-used recipe that has garnered good results gives me some karma points here even if I don't type the durn thing in.

This is one of my preferred company entrees. Crap, hope I haven't posted it here before. It's got a nice complex flavor and works especially well if you're trying to make a dish that pleases pescatarians and carnivores alike, as it's one of the meatier fish dishes I've ever had... unsurprisingly, given the title.

Notes: I suggest using low-sodium soy sauce or tamari, since as many of the other commenters indicate, it can be damn salty (and I'm speaking as a salt lover). I never bother with lemon grass and just use a few strips of lemon peel instead.

Without further ado... Ming Tsai's Osso Buco-Style Halibut.

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