Pim: on Food, SF, and America

Pim wrote a lovely piece about an amazing Halal break-fast meal in a pizza joint in the Tenderloin. At the end, she writes some well-placed commentary on the peace and generosity that can be found in breaking bread together and sharing food. And you know? It's things like that dinner - they start in unlikely places - that spread tolerance, understanding, and a horde of other things I deem really important to living in America.

"Itís a meal like this, in a place like this, that is what makes me happy to be living in San Francisco.†Here, we do not treat Muslims as though they are closeted terrorists.†Here, a Chinese, a Thai, two Jews, and a Christian can sit at table in a Hallal restaurant and be treated like family by observant Muslims, and generously fed the same meal served at their revered mosque.†Here, we are all human beings.†Here, we are all friends."
Read the whole thing. Anyone want to get some couscous?

Posted by shock on November 07, 2004 | TrackBack

Hm. Times like this make me almost wish I was a meat-eater. That place sounds brilliant!

Posted by: T. Crane on November 7, 2004 11:59 AM
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