L-cubed tapas

Last night I finally had a chance to cook for the Lempert-Lopez's. (It's been on the list for a YEAR.) The Leckmans joined us, and it was Sunday-as-unusual! Beca said she was craving tapas - specifically the gambas al ajillo and potatoes decadence we used to get at Timos. With that, I was off and running....

marcona almonds & olives
wacky spanish goat cheese (I forgot the name already. tsk.)
hummus with ground lamb and pinenuts
grilled figs with herbed goat cheese and proscuitto
french 75s and apple sours

mushroom and almond soup

sorbet of grapefruit, champagne & campari

gambas al ajillo
lamb meatballs in almond sauce
chorizo and apples in hard cider

potatoes decadence
roasted artichokes with romesco
fried gypsy peppers
salad with sherry-shallot vinaigrette & blue cheese
Jump the Stump (a red, from Beca)
an albariņo I picked up at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant

capricious with truffled honey and asian pears

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Posted by: Heidi on November 8, 2004 4:46 PM
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