(I like to say it fast, all run together like that - winebloggingwednesday.) The "Is My Blog Burning" phenomenon is taking off - they even have their own domain now. Sugar-High Fridays and Wine-Blogging Wednesdays are following to increase the fun.

I think it's high time we played more - I'm going to start posting the events, and encouraging all you gourmands to participate. The next one that looks fun: Chez Pim's hosting January's Wine Blogging Wednesday.....

The game? Pick a wine with a wacky name. Drink it! Write up a review, and post it live here on the 26th of January. We'll trackback to Pim, who'll round up the results and post back to her blog. Fun!

I have my wine picked out... do you?

Posted by shock on January 14, 2005 | TrackBack
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