Potato and Apple Gratin

Super easy and really delicious, this side dish pairs perfectly with simply prepared pork.

potato and apple gratin


Take two baseball-sized waxy potatoes, and one similarly sized Granny Smith apple - slice them thinly into rounds using either a mandoline slicer or a very sharp knife. Boil the potatoes in water until they are just slightly cooked through, then drain them well. Add the apple, salt, pepper, a tablespoon of unsalted butter, half a pint of heavy cream, and about a cup of finely shredded aged Gruyere cheese, and stir well to combine. Pour the mixture into a lightly buttered gratin dish or other shallow baking dish, grate a little more cheese on top, dot with about another tablespoon of butter, then bake at 400 until bubbly and golden (I think it took about 30-40 minutes).

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