Meriko's Risotto

This evening, while I pondered over what to accompany my ribeye steak, and deciding that the green beans I had just weren't enough, I looked at my catch of fresh ingredients from the farmer's market, and discovered I had conveniently picked up some fresh corn and basil (actually, my harvest of non-fruits were just corn, beans and basil).

Last year, at about the same time of year, meriko treated me to a delicious variation to her normal risotto recipe, which adds some corn kernels right before the end (like 1-2 minutes left) and a good handful of corsely chopped basil at the end.

Serve in a open bowl with your favorite steak, this is as close to summer bliss as you'll ever have. You'll want to mop up the juices from the risotto and the steak. Thanks meriko!

Posted by tim on June 19, 2005 | TrackBack

As corn season is upon us, I thought I'd offer my favorite, which works as a side dish even when there are no other starches. Great with steak too:

Sautee (in butter) a few tbs of diced bell peppers with ramps/garlic/shallot/red onion, lots of fresh oregano, crushed cumin, and ancho powder. add 2 cups fresh corn. This corn dish is perfect with steak or halibut, especially with lime juice squirted on everything when served.

Corn risotto eh? Must give it a try.

Posted by: Ian on June 19, 2005 10:22 PM
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