Menu for a luau

Aloha! I'm planning a menu for about 10-20 adults/kids/family this month in honor of my daughter's 1st birthday. A traditional menu would look something like this: assorted pupu (appetizers), Kalua Pig, Poi, Sweet potatoes, Luau or laulau (pork or chicken and fish wrapped in taro leaves), a chicken dish, Lomi salmon (cold tomato-salmon dish), macaroni salad, fruit (pineapple, mango and papaya), Haupia (coconut pudding), and fruity beverages. I'm going to bend tradition a bit to accomodate my 40+ hour work weeks and motherhood; the goal is stick to the theme but make as much of the food ahead of time as possible.

My Birthday Luau Menu
Ahi Poke
Mango salsa, thai banana salsa
BBQ pork, tofu, teriyaki beef, veggie kebobs
Jasmine rice
Hawaiian bread
Macaroni Salad
Sweet potato fries
Tropical Fruit
Birthday Cupcakes (organic white cake and white frosting!)
Banana or coconut cream pie

Posted by rebecca on July 03, 2005 | TrackBack

I promised and delivered! With a little help from the birthday girl's grandparents, I made everything expect the sweet potato fries and a pie. I overshot on the cupcake front and made about 20 cakes too many. Any issue that leaves me with a plate of cupcakes isn't really a problem in my book, though!

I think the poke was the biggest hit, which was interesting because I took a couple different recipes and sort of morphed them together on the fly.

I had fun making all the food, but I think I'll leave entertaining large groups of people to Miss meriko; hosting parties is just too draining.

Posted by: rebecca on August 13, 2005 9:39 PM

Heee - you'll just have to come over and get your hands dirty with the cooking part more often. 8)

Posted by: meriko on August 14, 2005 8:03 AM

Thanks for posting this...I'm doing the same for my son's 1st birthday in January. I've been looking for menus and recipes that are fairly authentic but still easy to put together for 20 people. It was good to hear that someone else was going to the same lengths for a great 1st birthday :) Thanks again!

Posted by: gwen on January 17, 2006 10:03 PM
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