Mike on Fresh Limas

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This is a "guest post" of sorts from my fiance Mike, which meriko suggested we share here:

Fresh limas from my grandparents' garden were a staple of summertime dinners when I was a kid. We'd usually overboil them, like we did with most veggies, and then drown 'em in butter and salt.

Tonight's preparation will owe a little to that, but not much: Heat up a little olive oil in a small pan with minced shallot, add the beans and saute lightly, just cover with water, and boil. Season with salt and pepper.

Jen suggested a salad, but I haven't had cooked limas in a very long time, and I'm a little excited. I've never liked canned or frozen limas, but I love them fresh, and I was delighted to see them at the greenmarket.

Good, fresh limas have a meaty texture and a rich, creamy flavor. (Indeed, thanks to that creaminess, beans just a bit larger than this are called butter beans in Southern households.)

This Is Comfort Food.

-- Michael Dietsch

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