tulgey wood
tulgeywoodcrop.jpgI created the tulgey wood for the drinks spread at the Alice party my fabulously creative friends threw a few months ago. It was definitely my favorite of the three cocktails we served. It's done in the style of a Manhattan, replacing the sweet vermouth with a concoction called Torani Amer. (I originally picked up the bottle to try the cocktail in the link - the Hoskins. It was gooood.) I think the Amer is deeper and darker than the vermouth, and the bitter orange lends a touch of mystery. I'd like to try this with some orange bitters - I used my house standard Angostura.

1.5 oz Jack Daniels
3/4 oz Torani Amer
dash or two of bitters
2 brandied cherries

Combine the first three ingredients over big chunks of fresh ice. Shake hard. Serve up, with a few brandied cherries. (Don't use maraschinos - the sweet syrup is all wrong here.) Burble.

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