Onion Party for a Grey Saturday

Yesterday morning we hit the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building. They sky was overcast and the rain was drizzling, but the organic farmers were out in full force hawking the season's best. I picked up a huge bundle of leeks ($3!) and an assortment of monster green onions, then holed up in the kitchen for a while to concoct an onion-based veggie-only comfort food style dinner with my spoils.

My Festival of Onions for Grey Rainy Saturday Night Menu:
meriko's Green Garlic Soup (slightly modified for the lactose intolerant)
Ginger Basmati Pilaf with Cumin and Scallions
Fresh ciabatta from the Acme Bread Company

The result was simple and savory. The soup was stunning - definitely a recipe to keep on hand - and the ginger and cumin infused the pilaf with just enough warmth to complement the mellow soup well. I had never tried the pilaf recipe before, but I think it would be perfection paired with an asian-style fish the next time I try it. And oh yes, there will be a next time!

Posted by rebecca on January 29, 2006 | TrackBack
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