High Maintenance Gimlets
gimletsmall.jpgYesterday I was charmed when I was skimming Fancy Toast & read the most amusing food blog entry I've seen in some time: High Maintenance Gimlets. It's not just that I love gimlets. Or cucumbers. (Though I do love both. I even like cucumbers in my cocktails.) The writing is excellent - and I keep coming back to that High/Low Maintenance vs. High/Low Quality matrix for another grin. As a solidly Quadrant III girl, I was compelled to mix up up a few of Erielle's cocktails to accompany our movie last night. Amusingly, I didn't read the comments until this morning - and sure enough Kip: I picked Hendrick's off my shelf to accompany the cucumbers. I made a few other amendments to Erielle's formula - I prefer my gimlets a bit more on the tart side, so I upped the lime, and dropped the sugar. So very tasty!

1 cup cucumber water
1 tsp sugar
juice of 3 limes (more like 3 tbsp)
3/4 cup Hendrick's Gin

Shake hard over ice, strain & serve!

Posted by shock on June 25, 2006 | TrackBack
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